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10.01.17 ... Our Custom Car Magnets pricing is ONE all inclusive price. For that you work directly with artist / owner. We offer "Nothing But The Best" in car magnets, custom soccer balls, and MUCH more. For the BEST service, products, and prices, see

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06.01.17 ... Happy 14th Birthday TSG (June 1)
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​05.26.17 ... #Beatles Sgt Pepper was released on June 1 1967, same day in 2003 I started #TSGsports ... Celebrating all that at

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05.17.17 ... When creating a Custom Car Magnet, you want to make an impact at 70 mph - and in a parking lot. Nothing stands out more then a unique shape, full array of colors, and the message big enough to read quickly. No matter what the message, these simple rules make the difference between getting your message out or it being lost in the shuffle. At I help you design something special and unique that will work for years to come. Le Sheppard

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05.13.17 ... Happy Birthday to me. Being a life long Beatle fan, musician, and songwriter (check out Le's original music at I just realized that The Beatles classic album Sgt Pepper was released on June 1, 1967 - the same day YEARS later in 2003 that I started TSGSPORTS and ... Imagine that. Celebrating on THAT day.

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05.10.17 ... What make your Car Magnet stand out from the rest? Even though we offer the best pricing and product on the market, it is our design skills that make TSGcreations "Nothing But The Best" when shopping for Custom Car #Magnets and Custom #Soccer Balls and much more. Stop looking - call TSG today - let's get designing - is ”Nothing But The Best"

05.04.17 ... What can TSGcreations do for your car #magnet needs? Take the time to look and see what we've done for others. Spread the word and let's get your custom product needs made today!

CUSTOMER REVIEW: "Just got the MAG-nets, they are MAG-nificent Thank you Le!!" was said by ANTHONY Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

05.01.17 ...  BETTER designs. BETTER products. BETTER prices. 
We customize directly with and for you with artist and owner Le Sheppard at TSGcreations. Get some thing more than template stock designs. What a difference to always deal directly with the artist / owner to create, design and produce your custom car magnets (the best fundraising deal on the market) giving your message wheels. Check out their design work in our galleries to see what we've created for businesses, tournaments, games, teams, recognition, fundraisers, awareness, promotions, awards, camps, clinics, organizations, birthdays, MLS teams, NBA teams, colleges, churches, and many more from shore to shore and beyond. Whatever your need from - Professionally designed Car Magnets in ANY shape from circle to oval to ribbon and other personalized auto magnets - at TSG it ALL works for you. 

04.30.17 ...  Just some of the custom designs (custom magnets and custom balls) we've done already in 2017. For resellers or direct sales ... NO ONE beats the designs, products, service, or ALL inclusive pricing. Contact TSG / Le Sheppard to get your custom product started today!

04.24.17 ... Celebrating 14 years doing business as and Le Sheppard started TSG (from theSHEPPARDgroup) on June 1, 2003 and has provided "Nothing But The Best" in design, products, prices, and service in the custom product industry for these 14 years. TSG customers work directly with Le (Digital Artist / owner) using his 30 years experience. For the BEST in Custom Car Magnets, Custom Decals, Custom Soccer Balls, and more. Call 888.225.8022 or email Le Sheppard at

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Seamus Donnelly "I give TSG my highest rating
and recommendation for all to check out. They are the best value for
design, service and products"

04.20.17 ...  What can do for YOU that others can't? WE DESIGN ... To start your design process - just call owner and digital artist Le Sheppard directly at TSGcreations, your direct creative source at 215.860.6208 in PA or 888.225.8022 toll free or email Le Sheppard at

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Terri at Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer Club
says, "Everything looks great - You are the best!"

04.04.17 ...  What is quality?
What does it mean to you - and us?
QUALITY - A measure of excellence. a degree or grade of excellence or worth. a superior grade. "choice wines". prime beef". "prize carnations". "quality paper". "select peaches"
The difference ... Our creative standards of excellence. By starting at such a high standard, we can assure your product will be the best. We do not reuse logos. We want to provide you with your own logo with a unique look to it. We market you. We advise you to make the most of your investment. And with 30 years experience in the creative, design, and marketing fields - we offer you "nothing but the best" in workmanship and quality. You are the centerpiece of our marketing. From the first step to the last stitch - we work the process to ensure quality image design, product design, and product performance. We market you, not TSGcreations / TSGSPORTS. We want to spend your time with us on making sure you get the best product, the best custom marketing image, and the best service.
Our design standards ... All vector format. The primary vector format software program used is Adobe Illustrator (the industry standard) due to advantages in screening images and working with the artwork. BUT, we are able to use files in many formats anywhere from sketches to faxes to bitmapped images. 

03.14.17 ... Before you buy, "we dare you to compare". All of our products are the best on the market. Our custom balls (soccer, rugby, and volleyballs) are produced from scratch per your order. Why wait 12 weeks for turnaround on your custom printed logo ball order? The answer is (not pad printing with inks that just don't last) is getting the same production process but delivered in half the time. 
Same high quality in design, production, ink, and service. We customize the ball to your specification. One cost includes ball design, all production and ALL shipping to your door in just 6 WEEKS. Get top quality materials, workmanship, service, design skills producing high performance products for fundraising, and high end use. 
I'm an artist who takes pride in every job. TSG is "Nothing But The Best" ... guaranteed. 

CUSTOMER REVIEW: The Reality Church said "We need some more of your wonderful customized design Thanks a bunch - I know the kids will love these! Excellent work on the magnets. I will refer TSG."

03.05.17 ... At TSGcreations, our pricing has been ALL INCLUSIVE since 2003. Our custom car magnet posted prices include all product design, any shape, all production, 4color process / FULL color, and ALL shipping to continental USA (PA Sales Tax must be paid by PA residents unless they are tax exempt). ONE COST to YOUR door with NO hidden charges. Our pricing and product are NOT a gimmick. 

02.24.17 ... I, Le Sheppard, owner and artist at TSGcreations, have lived with his family in Bucks County Pennsylvania for 20 years and I have owned and operated TSGcreations for 14 years this June 1st (June 1, 2003). I have been a digital artist for over 25 years serving the needs of different size and scope clients - from corporate to advertising to small business. Since 2000, I have been designing directly in the custom ball industry. I now design solely for my companies.
While TSG stands for theSHEPPARDgroup which was my (Le Sheppard) old design firm, TSG stands for top of the line design services and superior products working with the best suppliers, and bringing years of marketing - design - production experience in Digital Artistry all working for you all year round with every job created just for you - all at the best prices on the web. TSG stands for providing "Nothing But the Best" in design, service, and product in the custom product industry. 
First called TSGSPORTS, I wanted to raise the level of custom products away from the template based norm and make it about the customer's desires. Slogans like "We Market You" I promoted - yes, WE DESIGN. Another slogan "Brand Schmand - BE YOUR OWN BRAND. BE YOU" meant I wanted the custom product to be about the customer - not the brand.

02.12.17 ...Direct to artist design with no creative short cuts nor inferior products - TSG is "Simply the Best" the premier direct supplier of Custom Design and Products. Creative design, superior design, products, and service working ONE on ONE with the artist to design YOUR product / YOUR design. We design quality. We produce quality. Digital Artistry all for you in custom designed products is at

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Northwest Football Boosters said, "Le ... we got the magnets in today. They are perfect. They are exactly what we wanted. Thanks again Le you did an awesome job"

02.05.17 ... ​Custom Car Magnets. At TSGcreations we offer superior product quality and prices. While some factories push direct cheaper CAR MAGNET prices - WARNING / BUYERS BEWARE - be sure to compare apples to apples. Cheaper is NOT better for you. Fact is "recycled magnet material" is inferior to ours and will not hold up nearly as well. Compare samples. Our pricing is NOT a gimmick. Check out their design work. No one comes close to matching our pricing and quality.Fact is that I am an artist who takes pride in every job.
​TSG is "Nothing But The Best" ... guaranteed. 

01.09.17 ... Custom Car Magnets and more at TSGcreations ... For the BEST, contact Le Sheppard at No one better then TSG with 13 years of the best designs, service, product and pricing. ONE LOW PRICE includes product design working directly with the artist / owner, FULL color, any custom shape, production, and ALL shipping (PA residents add Sales Tax). For "Nothing But The Best" contact

10.31.16 ... Custom Car Magnets. ONE all inclusive pricing. Work directly with artist / owner. At we offer "Nothing But The Best" in car magnets, custom soccer balls, and MUCH more. For the BEST service, products, and prices, see

10.25.16 ... Custom Car Magnets and more at TSGcreations .. Tis the season for tournaments and events. If you need to promote an event or get a message on wheels, consider Custom Magnets (best product, service, & pricing) and more at

CUSTOMER REVIEW: Randy at ETSF said, "Always ready to respond and serve its customers with the best service designs, custom products, and prices in the market. It is no wonder Le Sheppard and TSG are so much in demand. Working directly with you was great. Your 25 years in the creative industry showed through in your designs and your creativity Thanks Le !"

01.01.16 ..., TSGSPORTS,, and other names are ALL Le Sheppard, Digital Artist for 30 years. Since June of 2003 (14 years ago) I have not pushed brand. The TSG mission is to make YOU the customer the centerpiece of ALL your custom product needs, as you SHOULD be. I started TSGsports selling custom soccer balls, and volleyballs - providing "Nothing But The Best" in design, service, pricing, and products. I changed the name to to be more inclusive as much of my custom car magnet and window decal work was for businesses, churches, and organizations. 
TSG stands for the Sheppard Group which was my design / Digital Artistry firm. At, we sell custom products like car magnets, door magnets, window decals, patches, banners, custom soccer balls, custom volleyballs, and even some apparel along the way. I work with the best factories in Pakistan (soccer balls and volleyball), China and patches), and here in the USA (car magnets and decals) and serve as the artist to get my customers not the usual minimal design on their products, but "Nothing But The Best" in the designs, service, and products. ​

Let's get started! 

Le Sheppard
Owner and Digital Artist at
215.860.6208 in PA . . . 888.225.8022 toll free
or email Le Sheppard at
Newtown - Bucks County - Pennsylvania - United States of America

"You can see the difference when it is designed by an artist" We promote YOU with the best in custom magnets and much more!

We promote YOU with the best in custom magnets and much more!

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