​WITHIN 13.1 to 18
WITHIN 18.1 to 25
WITHIN 25.1 to 34
WITHIN 34.1 to 42
50 - 124

$5.00 each
50 - $300.00

$6.25 each
50 - $312.50
$6.80 each
50 - $340.00
$7.00 each
50 - $350.00
125 - 249$2.75 each
125 - $343.75
$2.85 each
125 - $356.25
$2.95 each
125 - $368.75
$3.50 each
125 - $437.50
250 - 499$1.60 each
250 - $400.00
$1.70 each
250 - $425.00
$1.80 each
250 - $450.00
$2.35 each
250 - $587.50
500 - 999$1.10 each
500 - $550.00
$1.20 each
500 - $600.00
$1.40 each
500 - $700.00
$1.65 each
500 - $825.00
1000 - 2499$0.80 each
1000 - $800.00
$0.90 each
1000 - $900.00
$1.00 each
1000 - $1000.00
$1.25 each
1000 - $1250.00
 Suggested Shapes
4" Circle
5 x 3" Oval
Suggested Shapes
5" Circle
​6 x 4" Oval
Suggested Shapes
5.75" Circle
​6.5 x 4.25" Oval
Suggested Shapes
6" circle
3 x 12" 


​Call for all inclusive competitive quotes for orders over 2,500. Posted TSGcreations LOW prices are per magnet
with FREE product design, production (no die / custom shape charge), and ALL shipping included
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TSGsports / TSGcreations / TSGart is Le Sheppard, ​Digital Artist for 30 years. On June of 2003 (14 years ago) I started TSGsports providing "Nothing But The Best" in design, service, pricing, and products (TSG being short for theSHEPPARDgroup, my Design Firm). I changed the name to TSGcreations to be more inclusive of my non-sports custom car magnet and window decal work (besides our superior custom balls). The TSGSPORTSTSGcreations.com umbrella has other names like TSGstore.com - TSGmagnets - TSGart.com - but from TSGsports to www.TSGart.com, they are ALL run exclusively by  ​Le Sheppard producing "Nothing But The Best" to ALL my customers.

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